This week, as part of our challenge to increase women in STEM, AFCEA is focusing on career opportunities for women, and the issues many have previously faced, and continue to do so, in what is a historically male-dominated workforce. This needs to change, and we need to increase the diversity in STEM, specifically with respect to opening it up to more woman.

Beth Beck, the open innovation program manager in NASA’s Office of the Chief Information Officer, explains: “I have 30-plus years at NASA, and I never wanted to be the ‘woman’ in the workplace. That really irritated me. I wanted to be the best employee, not the best woman.” Lessons learned now help make up a NASA toolkit for women- and minority-inclusion initiatives that it shares with other agencies as well as companies.

There have been some wonderful advanced in technology thanks to highly intelligent, extremely motivated women. Did you know ENIAC, the worlds first electronic general-purpose computer, was primarily programmed by women? Watch this interesting trailer for ENIAC – Created with Studio G for Google I/O – for more details on an upcoming documentary about this astounding accomplishment.

Learn more about women such as Beth Beck and others highlighted in our ongoing series of Women in STEM articles. Membership in AFCEA opens doors in your chosen career within the technology and global security fields.

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