Hot off the presses! AFCEA Tokyo (東京) is honored to announce our next annual conference, AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016 – our 10th anniversary of AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet events, will be held at The New Sanno Hotel on June 1-3, 2016 and followed by a post-TechNet golf tournament at Camp Zama on June 4, 2016.

We are pleased to have selected “Resilience” as our theme for AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016 as we continue to build off of the wonderful success we enjoyed in 2015. The idea of resilience builds off the underlying framework of convergence is perfectly relevant in so many contexts, ranging from cyber and technology, to the beautiful Japanese culture, ending with our small AFCEA chapter.

The use of resilience as our theme is multi-faceted and has very strogn ties to many areas very close to AFCEA Tokyo (東京) and the locale we represent.

We are marking our 10th Anniversary of AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet events with the theme “Resilience” for the following reasons:

  • In part to show our solidarity with the local Japanese community by honoring the five year anniversary of the tragic March 11 Great Tohoku Earthquake
  • The obvious connotations to requiring resilient IT architectures and cyber security
  • Finally, to demonstrate the resilience of our old yet small but growing AFCEA chapter

This is the basic premise behind our desire to shine a light on resilience in 2016.

More specifically, Japan demonstrated extreme resilience in the immediate aftermath of this tragedy, and continues to display their resilience as a society and country while coming together to help so many people affected. A lack of resilience in IT, and especially with regards to cyber security, can destroy mission assurance and lead to failure. The idea of developing resilient network architectures and cyber defenses can allow an organization to overcome what would normally be a crippling cyber attack. Finally, AFCEA Tokyo (東京) Chapter #171 is one of the most resilient chapters in all of AFCEA. We continue to fight to grow our membership, increase local interest and participation in our educational opportunities, and attempt to drive AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet towards the greatest success of all: the best AFCEA event in Asia.

Our goal this year is to spark discussions about the use of resilience and its effects on society from these contexts. We will be hearing from the US and Japanese governments, militaries, industries, and academia.

AFCEA Tokyo (東京) is finalizing the agenda and will post the details as soon as they become available. The AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet registration page is currently available, but merely lists the attendee packages at this time. Actual registration currently remains closed but is expected to open in the coming days. Finally, we have a number of sponsor and vendor opportunities, so if your company is interested in exhibiting or sponsoring AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016, please take a look at the options available.

We look forward to another great year filled with success, and an outstanding and exciting AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016. If you have any questions, concerns, or general information for us, please reach out.