About Us

Learn about what we do, our history, and our value proposition.

Welcome to AFCEA 東京 TOKYO

The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the local Japanese and US military, government, industry, and academia in and around Tokyo as a venue for educating and advancing professional knowledge on a variety of topics, to include information technology, cyber security, intelligence, and telecommunications.

AFCEA 東京 TOKYO has been operating for well over twenty years, with its membership primarily comprised of US Department of Defense uniformed and civilian employees. In recent years the chapter strived to increase local Japanese citizen participation with the goal of offering a venue for the United States and Japan to learn valuable lessons from each other. We continue to make wonderful strides to increase our Japanese and US membership.

AFCEA Value Proposition

AFCEA is a member-based, non-profit organization for professionals, providing thought leadership, engagement, and networking opportunities. Through our corporate and individual member structure, we focus on information technology, cyber security, intelligence, and telecommunications to address national and international challenges.

AFCEA offers a variety of networking activities, conferences, symposiums, expositions, the award-winning SIGNAL Magazine, mentoring, and scholarships. Educational opportunities include professional development courses, approved continuing professional education sessions at events, and documentation for continuing education certifications. Educational opportunities are also available through AFCEA’s Preferred Providers.

AFCEA is unique among other defense, intelligence, and service associations insofar as we are truly global. In addition to our US headquarters, we also have a dedicated office in Europe to support our international partnerships and chapters, and our large and dynamic global chapter network, with more than 120 chapters, fortifies our continued growth. Our membership includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in various fields. Our ethical forum is mandated within our bylaws, prohibiting lobbying, among others. Our educational component, supported by our own Educational Foundation, offers more than $2 million in scholarships and STEM grants annually. Our focus is on STEM education, but we also support a variety of other initiatives helping those who serve.

The association is also distinctive in its innovative approach to supporting early career individuals. The Young AFCEAN Advisory Council helps younger members gain leadership experience and make connections in our chapters, on our committees and on our board. Within the Intelligence arena, the Emerging Professionals in Intelligence Committee provides a foundation for younger individuals to learn, serve and make a difference in that community.

Through our established worldwide network of individuals, chapters and member organizations, AFCEA has led the ethical exchange of information for nearly 70 years, with roots that trace back to the U.S. Civil War.

In the 1850s, Lt. Albert J. Meyers, an assistant surgeon in the U.S. Calvary, devised the Wig Wag systems using a signal flag to send messages.
In 1946, the organization he formed for signal flag communicators was absorbed into what became AFCEA through the efforts of Maj. Gen. Harold C. Ingles, Brig. Gen. David Sarnoff and a number of industry leaders.

AFCEA became International in 1979 with the establishment of chapters in Europe, Asia and Canada. Our members continue to be the thought leaders behind the new and creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems facing global security. The association was formed as the backbone in support of its members, and it has never strayed from this purpose.

AFCEA will deliver unique opportunities, an inspired global community and an exceptional experience, whether you are deployed, serving at home or serving those who serve.

AFCEA Membership

As a member of AFCEA, you will regularly interact with professionals who come from military services, government agencies, academia and our more than 1,600 corporate members, all serving the national and international security industry. You will be part of a broad-based and highly respected global organization that is unique in its reach and effectiveness, and you will have a voice in the robust exchange of ideas and continuing advancement of thought leadership that is AFCEA.

Through AFCEA International and its more than 120 chapters, you will find gratifying ways to make a difference locally, nationally and internationally and to advance your profession, your network and your career. AFCEA also offers an opportunity for members to help and serve others through outreach and participation in programs such as the Wounded Warrior Project and various community outreach programs. We provide an opportunity for members to serve something bigger than oneself.

AFCEA’s chapter-based structure means that you always have an established professional network, wherever your business or service takes you, worldwide. Our membership includes nationally and internationally recognized experts in their respective fields.

Including your AFCEA affiliation on your résumé or biography makes a strong professional statement and frequently leads to opportunities within your own organization as well as throughout the AFCEA community. Both individuals and corporations benefit from the association’s unparalleled reputation as a long-standing and valuable professional organization.

AFCEA’s scholarship programs enable you to be involved with the advancement of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) initiatives and could help you continue your own education. The AFCEA Educational Foundation offers a broad range of scholarship opportunities to its members and dependents of members.

Join AFCEA in exploring relevant issues and advancing and sharing your knowledge through targeted content, focused events, continuing education opportunities, AFCEA Preferred Providers and the connections you will make as a member of the prestigious and internationally recognized AFCEA network.

Expand your network and grow your career by serving on committees, holding leadership roles, participating in events or organizing fundraising activities.

Earning free continuing education credits; receiving discounts on computers, courses and conference registration; and receiving a subscription to SIGNAL Magazine are some of the ways your AFCEA membership pays you back.

Your AFCEA experience is tailored to your interests and your time. We have an AFCEA experience available specifically for you and your organization.