Learn about the volunteers responsible for AFCEA 東京 TOKYO operations

Executive Committee

J. Steve Correia, CAPT, USN


CAPT J. Steve Correia recently joined AFCEA 東京 TOKYO as the President in an effort to help drive increased military participation. Although relatively new to the AFCEA 東京 TOKYO Chapter, J. Steve Correia is a career active duty U.S. Navy Information Professional Officer with over 20 years of armed forces related communications and electronics experience. He looks forward to creating a stronger partnership within the AFCEA 東京 TOKYO Chapter between U.S. Forces, Japanese Self-Defense Forces and communications, electronics, and cyber security industries.

Scott Jarkoff

Executive Vice President

Scott currently works for McAfee as a Senior Security Adviser, and is based in Shibuya, Japan. Scott served as the AFCEA 東京 TOKYO Chapter President from 2014-2018, but has been active with the chapter for over ten years. He recently transitioned to the EVP to help drive greater military participation through a number of internal chapter efforts.

Richard Chuckrey


Richard Chuckrey currently works at Pacific Stars and Stripes, and is based in Nishi-Azabu, Japan. Richard has been the AFCEA Tokyo Chapter Secretary since 2015 and previously served as the Vice President for Publicity.

Chad Martin, Capt, USAF


Capt Chad D. Martin is a career Military Officer serving on active duty for the U.S. Air Force.  Chad works as a Cyberspace Operations Officer for the 374th Communications Sqaudron at Yokota AB, Japan.  His military career includes time in the Middle East, Europe, and now Japan. Chad looks forward to increasing the military partnership with AFCEA 東京 TOKYO.

Joseph LeRoy

Vice President of Technology

Joseph LeRoy currently works as a Security Engineer for a finance and digital services company in central Tokyo. Joseph was enlisted in the US Navy and stationed in Yokosuka, Japan before completing his Master of Science in Cyber Security from Fordham University.

Chapter Vice Presidents

Jonathan Hobbs

VP, Plans & Programs

Jon lives in downtown Tokyo and is the founder and director of Hobbs & Associates, a boutique firm specializing in Intellectual Property and Cyber Security

Chehun Kim, Capt, USAF

VP, Communications

Che Kim currently works with Japanese Air Self Defense Force as a bilingual Cyber Operations Instructor at Kumagaya. His U.S. Air Force experience spans across the world, to include NATO, US Forces Korea, US Air Forces Central Command, and Pacific Air force.

Tohru Okamura

Tohru Okamura

VP, Industry

Tohru Okamura works for the American Chamber of Commerce, Japan based in Kamiyacho, and is living in the downtown Tokyo area. He previously served as the Executive Vice President, and VP, Plans and Programs before transitioning into his current role.

Mihoko Matsubara

VP, Industry

Mihoko Matsubara is an Adjunct Fellow at Pacific Forum and has extensive experience in academia, industry and government. She has served onboard the AFCEA International Cyber Committee and Executive Committee, and AFCEA 東京 TOKYO Executive Committee.

Bill Jokela

VP, Industry

Bill Jokela currently works as a US Government Contractor, and is based on Yokota AB in Fussa, Japan.

Alan Lin, Lt Col, USAF

VP, Scholarships

Alan is an International Program Officer for the Air Force Research Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan. Previously, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and the Deputy Director of the Center for Cyberspace Research at the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology.

Miko Liggayu

VP, Plans & Programs

Miko Liggayu lives in the Tokyo area, and works closely with all the US military bases located throughout Japan, from Okinawa to Misawa.