AFCEA Tokyo Tools

AFCEA Tokyo is a technologically-oriented organization and uses a combination of best-of-breed tools and those which are affordable. As a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization, AFCEA Tokyo has a very limited budget, and is quite mindful of its technology use. Through our focus on new technologies, our industry experience, and our desire to work smarter not harder, we have been able to craft partnerships with information technology and web leaders to help us fund many of the capabilities we wield.

Here are some of the tools we use on a daily basis to collaborate and communicate both internally and with the world:

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[event current=”current” date=”External” title=”Digital Ocean” sub_title=”Internet Service Provider”]Digital Ocean is our preferred web hosting provider, offering best-in-breed service. A few reasons AFCEA Tokyo uses Digital Ocean is their simplistic administration panel, use of SSD’s to host all virtual images at blazing speeds, and their powerful and resilient backend infrastructure with minimal downtime. Cost: Free.[/event]

[event current=”current” date=”Internal” title=”Google Apps for Non-Profit Organizations” sub_title=”Email & File Sharing”]Google Apps for Non-Profits offers best-of-breed web-based email (Gmail) and file sharing (Google Drive), along with many other Google applications to allow distributed teams to easily collaborate. Cost: Free.[/event]

[event current=”current” date=”Internal” title=”Slack” sub_title=”Team Instant Messaging & Collaboration”]Slack is an instant messaging system for teams. What makes slack so great is it can be combined with existing tools – like Google Apps – to aid in real-time communication and collaboration for distributed teams. Throw in web-based, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android clients, and it is easy to see why this is a valuable tool. Cost: Free.[/event]

[event current=”current” date=”External” title=”WordPress” sub_title=”Web-Based Content Management System”]WordPress powers 25% of the internet, including AFCEA Tokyo. It is the best web-based content management system available today. Cost: Free.[/event]

[event current=”current” date=”External” title=”The Events Calendar Pro” sub_title=”Events Registration”]The Events Calendar Pro and Events Tickets Plus are two outstanding and highly helpful WordPress plugins facilitating our ability to schedule events and allow people to both register, and purchase tickets to, AFCEA Tokyo events. We use these plug-ins for our monthly events, annual Holiday Party, TechNet, and more. The gracious folks at The Modern Tribe have a wonderful NPO solution, and if your NPO qualifies, you may be able to acquire a free license for their plug-in repertoire. Cost: Free.[/event]