AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016 Agenda

[section_title align=”center” text=”AFCEA TOKYO (東京) TECHNET 2016 AGENDA”]

Time Event
Wednesday June 1, 2016: AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet Training Day
07:00 Registration Desk Opens (Special Thanks to Softbank)
08:00-09:00 Breakfast (Sponsored by TBD)
08:30-09:20 G

Training Day Session 1A: Cisco A: Cisco’s Cyber Threat Defense Solution – You have an Insider Threat by Mark Nakakura

While the current threat landscape is full of sophisticated and well-resourced adversaries, one of the most dangerous is the insider because they already have access to the sensitive data on your network. Since firewalls and perimeter defenses are largely incapable of addressing insider threats, organizations must turn to internal network monitoring and analytics to identify threats based on their behavior. Learn what to look for to protect your organization from this challenging attack type.

Training Day Session 1B: Dell A: Enabling Network Security at the Speed of Mission: Scalable HTTPS Decryption and Inspection by Jim Taylor

Speed, security, and low TCO (total cost of ownership) are all vital to government agency missions, but those factors are often viewed as conflicting demands. To shore up their cybersecurity, agencies are more frequently turning to HTTPS, a technology that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or Transport Layer Security (TLS) under HTTP application layering to encrypt and decrypt Web traffic. However, that encryption can lead to unwanted latency. And it is often cost prohibitive for agencies to buy solutions that meet both their security and bandwidth needs.

09:30-10:20 G

Training Day Session 2A: GDMS: General Dynamics Secure Products Flexible Solutions (US ONLY) by William Dlugos

TACLANE KG-175 product line (Micro, 1G and 10G with layer 2) & Sectera Viper Phone

Training Day Session 2B: Intel Security A: Threat Intelligence and Cyber Hunting, and its Application to Existing Countermeasures by Derek Watkins

10:30-11:20 G

Training Day Session 3A: Cisco B: Ascending the Path to Better Security by Alex Mershon

Security professionals are grappling with how to protect their organization from a multitude of new and unforeseen threats. Gaining an advantage against attackers and improving security outcomes requires having a true sense of the value of the protection capabilities in place. Cisco will discuss methods to measure the value of existing security approaches to ascend the pyramid of pain, enable the DoD and deliver better security.

Training Day Session 3B: Dell B: Windows 10 Migration Discussion with Mobility Asset Management and Security Best Practices by Mark “Doc” Gaborik

On February 26, 2016, DOD CIO directed that the Department of Defense will complete a rapid deployment and transition to Microsoft Windows 10 as the secure Host baseline.  The decision is focused on strengthening the DOD Cyber Security posture while concurrently streamlining the IT Operational environment.  Dell understands that the migration to Windows 10 is a mission imperative for National Security, and the Dell Team continues to provide use cases, best practices, manageability, and data protection solutions to fit each mission critical continuity model.

11:30-12:20 G

Training Day Session 4A: EMC A: Modern Datacenter by Jacob Smith

Training Day Session 4B: Intel Security B: STIX and TAXII – Sharing Indicators of Compromise Across Your AOR Using a Standards-Based Approach by Derek Watkins

12:30-13:20 G

Training Day Session 5A

Training Day Session 5B: Dell C: Deep Dive Next Generation Firewall Technology and Capabilities by Jim Taylor

13:30-14:20 G

Training Day Session 6A: PLP: What’s New in OSP & What Does it Do?

This training session will cover a range of topics related to PLP’s 2nd Generation COYOTE® Fiber Optic Splice Closures with a focus on ribbon fiber cable applications. It will also include a product presentation introducing new and innovative solutions for your Fiber Optic Network such as our COYOTE® DTC, ATC, LCC and AXCESS Solutions product lines and an overview of our PLPSOSP201 all-day “hands-on” copper & fiber optic training classes.

Training Day Session 6B: Cisco: Addressing Global Information Security at Cisco by Dr. Meng-Chow Kang and Sanjeeva Meegama

Dr. Meng-Chow Kang is the Cisco Chief Information Security Officer for Asia Pacific, China and Japan. Sanjeeva Meegama is the Regional CIO for Cisco Japan and Korea.


Kick-Off Dinner and Opening Keynote
(Event Sponsored by TBD & Dinner Sponsored by TBD)

Kick-Off Dinner Emcee: Mr. Riley Repko, Cisco

Keynote: Mr. Scott Jarkoff, AFCEA Tokyo (東京) President & Senior Security Advisor, Intel

Thursday June 2, 2016: AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet Day 1
07:00 Registration Desk Opens (Special Thanks to Softbank)
08:00 TechNet Emcee: Mr. Riley Repko, Cisco
08:00-09:00 Breakfast (Sponsored by TBD)
08:00-08:30 G

Earlybird Session

Future Ready Government: Powering Mission-Centric Outcomes

Cameron Chehreh, Dell Federal CTO

09:00 Exhibits Open
09:00-09:45 G

Keynote #1

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Rise of Intelligent Machines

John Kirch, Darktrace

10:00-11:30 JP

Panel #2

Tokyo 2020 Panel: Disaster Recovery & Critical Infrastructure Challenges

Moderator: Tim Braly, Brocade


  • Doug Neuman, Tanium Japan
  • Dr. Meng-Chow Kang, Cisco APJ
  • MG(ret) John Custer, Former Director of Intelligence for USCENTCOM, EMC
  • Dr. Vince Lee, PACOM, J6
12:00-13:00 JP

Keynote #3 & Lunch (Sponsored by TBD)

Japan’s Response to Cyber Threats in East Asia

Professor Motohiro Tsuchiya, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

13:15-14:00 G

Keynote #4

Japan’s Cyber Security Strategy: Overcoming the Cyber Workforce Issue

Yasuhiro Taniwaki, Deputy Director-General, National Center of Incident Readiness and Strategy for Cybersecurity (NISC)

14:15-15:00 US

Keynote #5

Global Norms of Resilience for Cyber Stability

Dr. Pano Yannakogeorgos, Dean, Cyber College, Air Force Research Institute

15:15-16:45 US

Panel #6

Cyber Intelligence: What is Cyber Intelligence and Why is it Important in 2016?

Moderator: Scott Jarkoff, AFCEA Tokyo (東京) President


  • Mark Esslinger, Lt Col, PACOM J6
  • Justin Kershaw, Director, International Cyber Solutions, Raytheon
  • Jeffrey Moon, Cyber Assistant Legal Attache, Special Agent (FBI)
  • Giuseppe Kobayashi, Chief Security Officer, Symantec Japan
16:45-18:00 Networking Social (Sponsored by TBD)
Friday June 3, 2016: AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet Day 2
07:00 Registration Desk Opens (Special Thanks to Softbank)
08:00 TechNet Emcee: Mr. Riley Repko, Cisco
08:00-09:00 Breakfast (Sponsored by EMC)
08:00-08:30 G

Earlybird Session

Warfighting Networks on the Move

Tim Braly, Brocade Federal CTO

08:30-14:30 G

Cyber Challenge

Dr. Vince Lee, PACOM J6

Venue: Third Floor Conference Room

[alert title=”NOTICE: ” type=”error”]There are limited seats to this training and separate registration is required. If you are interested in attending, please ensure you visit the registration page and sign-up to attend.[/alert]

09:00 Exhibits Open
09:00-11:30 JP

Panel #7

Former General Officer Panel: Security Challenges for the Modern Commander

Moderator: Mr. Riley Repko, Cisco


  • Lieutenant General(Ret) Noboru Yamaguchi, Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
  • Vice Admiral(Ret) Yoji Koda, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
  • Lieutenant General(Ret) Osamu Onoda, Japan Air Self-Defense Force
  • Lieutenant General(Ret) Toshi Nagaiwa, Japan Air Self-Defense Force

Interpretation: Provided & sponsored by Cisco Japan

12:00-13:00 G

Keynote #8 & Lunch (Sponsored by Cisco)

Reacting Swiftly in Cyberspace: Time is Not Your Friend

Steve Boutelle, Lt Gen(ret), Former CIO, U.S. Army

13:15-14:00 US

Keynote #9

Implications of Ransomware and Other Financially Motivated Cyber Crimes

Kaoru Hayashi, Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst, Palo Alto Networks K.K.

14:15-15:00 JP

Keynote #10

Preventing Cyber Attacks to Japan’s Electric Power Grid & Other Critical Infrastructure Sectors

Hiroshi Sasaki, Cyber Strategy Initiative Office, Intel Security

15:15-16:45 JP & US

Panel #11

JP & US Senior Leadership Cyber Security “Fireside Chat”

  • Ms. Mihoko Matsubara, CSO Japan, Palo Alto Networks K.K.
  • Scott Jarkoff, AFCEA Tokyo (東京) President

In this session, Mihoko and Scott will wrap-up AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016 by discussing the hot topics brought up in the sessions throughout the two days, in addition to issues they feel will be valuable for the audience.

16:45-18:00 Networking Social (Sponsored by IronBow and Dell)

[alert title=”NOTICE: ” type=”error”]The New Sanno is a U.S. military complex, and requires an official government issued identification card with picture (ie. DoD CAC, DoD Dependent ID, DoD Retired ID, Passport, Alien Registration Card, etc. ) for entry.[/alert]