AFCEA Tokyo (東京) TechNet 2016 Speakers & Panelists: Noboru Yamaguchi

Noboru Yamaguchi


National Defense Academy of Japan
Professor, Military History

Noboru Yamaguchi is a retired Lt. Gen. and is currently a professor of military history and strategy at the National Defense Academy of Japan. Yamaguchi served as senior defense attaché at the Japanese Embassy in the United States, as deputy commandant of the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces (JGSDF) Aviation School, as director for Research of the Ground Research and Development Command (GRDC), and as vice president of the National Institute for Defense Studies. Since 2006, he was the commanding general of the JGSDF Research and Development Command until he retired from active duty in December 2008. Finally, General Yamaguchi serves as an Advisor to The Sasakawa Peace Foundation. Yamaguchi has published extensively on Japanese defense policy, strategy and security relationships with China and the United States.